Publishers Overview

Pro-user Technology

AptTech ad's strictly adheres to very high UX standards ensuring that the ads are visitor-friendly and not obtrusive in anyway. We keep a constant check on the ad media, with a zero-tolerance policy.

Fast Integration

Start within 5 minutes by including a single line asynchronous tag in the global head tag of the website; AptTech ad's will help you measure and monetize ad impressions being lost to adblocking.

Compliance and Approval

Once the code is live on the publisher website, AptTech ad's compliance team reviews the website for possible conflicts. The feedback is passed to the operations team to setup ad units and make the website go live.

A/B Testing

Since AptTech ad's layouts are never hardcoded, we make it very easy for publishers to carry out A/B testing of ad layouts and ad unit setup on webpages. The testing can be done across devices. With this functionality publishers can ensure the perfect blend of UX and ad monetization for every adblock user.

Adding Demand

For further optimization, AptTech ad's provides publishers with multiple approved demand partners. In a matter of minutes a publisher can have several ad networks compete for their adblocked inventory.

User Experience

AptTech ad's captures some core User Experience metrics like Time-spent on page, Pageviews-per-session and Bounce rate, that can help publishers confidently measure if their ad layouts are compromising their audiences' UX or not. This data is also useful in helping publishers justify the need to monetize their adblocked inventory.

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