Advertisers Overview

Access Premium Inventory

Reach a premium demographic that no other solution can – millennials. Through AptTech ad's you can target these users with non-intrusive ad formats.

Increased Viewability

Adblock users have the highest engagement on websites. And since only your permission-enabled non-intrusive ads are shown to these users; you are effectively the only advertiser to this demographic.

Fast Approval (Within 15 Minutes)

We work parallel with our elite top Alexa publishers. This allows for your ad campaign to be approved from anywhere between 5 minutes to 4 hours.

High Click Through Rate

Since you’re the only advertiser displaying ads to your target audience, the click through rate on the ads is higher than regular campaigns.

High Conversion Rate

Millennials have high purchasing power, are brand conscious, actively seek out new brands as well as support the brands that they already use. This makes them ideal for brand-driven conversion campaigns as well as retargeting.

Fast Loading ‘Acceptable Ads’ Formats

Eyeo’s ‘Acceptable Ads’ formats makes sure that your ads are fast loading. This means they’ll be displayed as soon as a web page loads, allowing you to immediately target the majority of impressions which are above the fold.

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